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Leaving to Join the Wounded installation view

Leaving to Join the Wounded (Installation view)
Acrylic, glitter, inks, interference medium on canvas

My narrative-led art practice is preoccupied with the fluidity of imagery, where ideas originate and how images are created. Whether it be in the studio, interviewing for ART FICTIONS podcast, or writing a catalogue essay, I’m continually aware of how borders dissolve so that pockets of practice spill into one another.

With a focus on painting, my studio practice explores body, space and logic through colour, narrative and material experimentation. Essentially, the work pivots around impulse and precision, and is mostly created within a layering process. Be it responding to the light in the room, reaching for a memory, channelling mythologies or playfully reacting to the weave of the canvas, the work begins with a series of gestures. Much of this is created on the floor with mark making following my purposely rhythmic body movements as I pour, flick a soft Chinese brush or transfer paint from a separate, disconnected object. The challenge is then to hold the painting in a logical manner. Here, systems of enclosure, exposure and structure are introduced which respond to a range of sources. In INHERITANCE, these are notions of landscape shifting from idealistic to interrupted by development. In RESILIENCE, it’s the zig zag of a wild woman’s hair, angry words and protest.

I use a range of liquid acrylics, watercolour, gouache and raw pigments, all in an effort to keep the image-making as fluid as possible. Unlike oil painting, there is no possibility of subtraction; only addition. Every move becomes an account of making that cannot be undone, unless the paint is sanded back, and then it becomes a visible record of removal rather than a hidden process.

The final work becomes a testament to the momentariness of things that are experienced together, but not normally depicted together in imagery. It is the impossibility of the present; of clarity and singularity. It is a realistic mix of thinking, feeling and being in a given moment.

Recent exhibitions:

Cass Open Open, Chapel Arts Studios, May – July 2023

Canopius, Bishopsgate corporate headquarters, London, Aug 2022 – Aug 2024 curated by Zelda Arts Advisory.

Twenty20, M Galleries New Jersey, ASC Gallery Courthouse, Apr – Oct 2022 curated by Marq Kearey, Darren O’Brien, Pete Mountford, Frank May and featuring work by 10 US and 10 UK artists across three venues in the US and UK.

The Comrades they were Brave (We Salute You!), GRS44, Mar – Apr 2022 curated by Cecilia Sjoholm and featuring work by Cecilia Sjoholm, Deborah Tchoudjinoff, Garth Gatrix, Hatty Buchanan, Iain Hales, Laura Moreton-Griffiths. Text by Chris Fite-Wassilak. 

Here We Go!, Meakin + Parsons, Oxford Feb – Mar 2022 curated in collaboration with Hannah Payne and featuring work by Carl Anderson, Dominic Beattie, Christopher Brooks, Ham Darroch, Ann-Marie James, Anna Liber Lewis, Zanny Mellor, Barbara Nicholls, Charley Peters, Bridget Riley, Toby Twiss, Robin Walden, Eleanor May Watson, Emily Wolfe.